CNC Rotary Table-Worm Gear Series
CNC Rotary Table   CNC Rotary Table
  CNC Rotary Table
? CNC-120R~800R (Standard Type)
? CNC-120RB~250RB (Back Mounted Motor)
? CNC-120R~320R 2W/3W (Multi-Spindle)
? CNCB-800R (Mega Thru Hole)
  ? CNCT-100~320(Tilting)
? CNCT-320RS~800(Trunnion)
  ? CNCMT-200~630
Large Size Horizontal CNC Rotary Table(Axial-Radial Roller Bearing Series)   Large Size CNC Rotary Table   Horizontal Machining Center Table With Pallets
? HRT-400~2500   ? CNC-1000H/V~2000H/V   ? APCR-400~1000
Heavy Duty CNC Rotary-Linear Table        
? RLT-1500~2500        
CNC Rotary Table-Roller Gear Cam Series
Rotary Table   Trunnion Table   Swing Head
? RCT-170R~320R   ? RCTT-350   ? SLR-175
? SFB-175
CNC Rotary Table-Hirth Coupling Series
NC Face Gear Indexer   Horizontal Rotary / Index Center Table   Precision Index Table
? NCF-250R~500R   ? HIT-400~800   ? GCT-301~1200
Horizontal Machining Center Table with Pallets        
? APCI-400~1000        
CNC Rotary Table-Direct Drive Motor Series
Direct Drive Motor-Rotary Table        
? DDR175-50A~DDR210-100A        
Hydraulic Turret   Servo Turret   Power Tooling Turret-VDI Type
? CLT-63~300  
? CLT-50S~450S
? CLT-80SB~200SB
  ? CLT-50SP~100SP
Power Tooling Turret-BMT Type   Hydraulic Hirthpost    
? CLT-80SPB~200SPB   ? HP-250~451-S    
Hirth Coupling
3PCS Hirth Coupling   2PCS Hirth Coupling    
Tailstock   Servo Motor   Optional Accessories
? Manual Tailstock
? Pneumatic/Hydraulic Tailstock
? Strong Tailstock
  ? G-MATE
  ? Chuck/Hydraulic Cylinder
? Encoder
? Motor
? Hydraulic Unit
? PHC Booster
? Jig Fixture
Accessories Connection Diagram